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Karen Harkin – Director

Karen has always been interested in the digital world and enjoys the fast pace changes that it brings. Having worked in marketing for many years, Karen decided that too many companies were missing out on really understanding and getting to know their clients and their services or products in detail. Karen believes that this how to make a real difference in getting results and hence Invincipeople was born.  Karen’s passion for building client relationships and producing results is the real key to Invincipeople’s success.

Outside of work the pace for Karen does not slow down as she enjoys her fitness classes, photography, travel and time out with her family and pet dog Layla.

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Karen Harkin - Director of Invincipeople

Other team members

Meet the rest of Invincipeople's passionate team.

Head of Marketing - Amanda Young

Amanda Young

Head of Client Marketing

Meet Amanda, Head of Client Marketing here at Invincipeople. Amanda’s passion for ensuring everything is executed to the highest standards is second to none. Her happy, fun yet professional personality is truly an asset to Invincipeople which in turn would be a great asset for your business.

Invincipeople Team Member Mel Nichols

Mel Nichols

Mel has a long history of marketing in a variety of sectors, including health and fitness, education, furniture, independent consultancy and much more. With qualifications in Business, Finance, Marketing, PR and Media, including professional Chartered Institute of Marketing exams. Mel is happy to transfer and apply her skills to all business sectors to drive your business forward and connect with your target audience. Always happy to offer help and advice.

Passionate Marketer at

Abi Gibson

Marketing Assistant

‘I’m Abi, I have been working with Invincipeople for a number of years and enjoy the challenge of reaching new people and obtaining results.’

Abi is young and enthusiastic which helps keep the Invinci team thinking with new approaches and ideas. You could say she is one for thinking outside the box and is a real problem solver.

Danny Harkin - Marketing Assistant at Invincipeople Ltd

Danny Harkin

Research Client Marketing Assistant

Danny Harkin is the newest and youngest member of the team.  He is currently a student and helps assist his funding of university by working for Invincipeople. Generally, Danny takes on lots of the research work.

Client Testimonials


  • Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection,
    affinities, integration, love.

    Louis Kahn

  • If you never venture outside the box, you will probably not be creative.
    But if you never get inside the box, you will certainly be stupid.

    Christopher Peterson